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The First Intermediate Period in Ancient Egypt occurred between 2181 and 2040 BCE. During this time, Egypt’s central government lost its power and independent districts were developed. Two of these districts were located in Upper and Lower Egypt, respectively. These cities had independent dynasties, but after 2040 BCE, Mentuhotep II defeated the forces of Hierakonpolis and unified Egypt under Thebes. This period was known as the Middle Kingdom, or the ‘Classical Age’ of Egypt.

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The Egyptian gods were worshiped in temples run by priests. Typically, the god images were hidden in these temples, making it impossible for anyone outside to see them. Ordinary Egyptians, on the other hand, worshipped gods using small domestic statues in their homes. Additionally, they also used amulets and charms to protect themselves against evil spirits. These are just some of the fascinating facts about ancient Egypt’s religion.

The Egyptians tied their religion to nature. The Nile River played a vital role in their economy. It provided a rich surplus for the Pharaoh, priests, and officials. The river also provided mass labour for building temples. The Nile River provided the necessary water for these activities. This was the main source of inspiration for the Egyptians. And because Egypt was located on a river, it had a rich fertility.

In addition to tombs and pyramids, Egyptians used hieroglyphic writing on tombs and public monuments. Their writing is found on tomb walls, including poems, hymns, and proverbs. During the Middle Kingdom, they also practiced mummification, with large stone tombs used for burying the dead. This culture also influenced the development of art and literature in Ancient Egypt. A brief history of this period can be found below.

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